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Jan 19, 2010 6:00am EST
it. you know, i've come on with you guys and i think we should have been much clearer about medicare. we understand how it works. it was a democratic initiative. this expanded five years or something like that. >> but, for instance, medicare for all. >> yeah. i mean, i think that that has been messaged very well and i also think let the senate and housework its will, that by definition is an unclear thing and muddled and the like. i also think something else. look, we're doing tough things. you're doing health care no matter who did it you're going to take a lot of lumps for it. i think you can critique how it's done, but there's no doubt the president is trying to solve the problems of the american people. the problem we have, this reminds us more of 1993. the president is doing incrementally good things but we in congress are taking our lumps every step of the way. and i also think when people who are against things are always more animated than people who are for things. there's a lot of headwinds. i don't want to do a postmortem until there's a mortem. >> this could be new hampsh
Jan 13, 2010 6:00am EST
's deficit will double it. at the same time that medicare is going bankrupt, social security going bankrupt. medicaid is upside down. this is a nightmare. >> well, first -- >> the bigger crisis is medicare. >> we have had creative accounting and self-dealing going on for a long time. the fed purchases a significant majority of all u.s. debt last year. we have a situation where the housing entities are not being consolidated. they have huge losses. people saying they are doing things to try and help reduce medicare costs, but they are spending the money someplace else. all kinds of creating accounting and self-dealing going on. >> we'll go to chris tnctie in minute. i was struck by the creative accounting. they were making up trillions. you wrote a story mid summer about the fdic created $1 trillion out of thin air by a bureaucratic trick. this creative accounting makes our situation so much worse. >> it does. and, frankly, actually, that decision by the fdic at the time has in a way come back to haunt us. i don't know if you recall at the end of this year, the fdic was almost bankrupt and h
Jan 26, 2010 6:00am EST
without going in and tackling medicare and medicaid and social security. it is -- again, it's 19% of the budget. but it is a strong, strong message that he's actually sending to those independent voters that have been going away. obviously, some democratic leaders on capitol hill have to understand that, right? >> well, i think they have to. it doesn't mean started negotia balance the budget. post the 1994 election. it's almost as though obama doesn't want to wait for the election to start doing that. he's trying it out now and see if it works for him. >> and he's doing something bill clinton did so masterfully. you listen to that last sound clip that you played of these tax incentives. there's not huge. they're no overarching. he's not talking about revamping one-sixth of the economy. but it helps middle americans right now with tax incentives. and i think it's more significant than bill clinton's school uniforms. but it's those type of proposals that send a message to americans what kind of president he is. and right now, again, after massachusetts, it sounds like he's striking
Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
some prayers for rush. >> is he on medicare? >> for anybody in that position. but we were praying for him. but, yeah, if you make $15 million a year -- >> there you go, it works. >> you'll probably get better coverage. and all of us around this table. >> and you're a celebrity. >> he's going to make it. he's going to be okay. quick mention, anybody around here see "avatar"? a lot of people did. over the weekend, it moved into fourth place, already, all-time box office worldwide gross. all-time, crossed the $1 billion mark this weekend. only been out for 17 days, over $1 billion. it's expected to move up into second place, which could put it behind "titanic," which was also his movie. james cameron will have numbers one and two on the all-time list. >> and just like "titanic," i will not go see this movie. >> what do you have against blue people, joe? >> up next, who's targeting terrorism? we'll talk with michael sheehan and why he says our conventional wisdom is wrong. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber. this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber in this. it tas
Jan 18, 2010 6:00am EST
it through the senate. he got that sweetheart deal on medicare for his state that became quite controversial and he's become a big focus of the whole campaign to pass health care reform. he's not alone. a lot of democrats are warning privately of their concerns about what's happening at home on health care. congressman earl pomeroy last week was in a ways and means committee, and he privately said, if we don't get rid of this health care bill, don't pass it and move on from it, i might as well retire because the voters will retire me otherwise. people are panicking because of those numbers at home. and massachusetts is a microcosm of that. >> we'll watch that one closely. we had seth myers, just watched him on "snl" talking about "game change." obviously, elizabeth edwards not portrayed very well in that book. what's her reaction been? >> she's read the book. she does not want to speak out about it yet, but she has allowed her friends to capture what her thinking is about the book. they essentially say the portrait is true, but what the book misses is the fact is -- how would you react if yo
Jan 20, 2010 6:00am EST
and it was ben nelson. i mean here they gave away in perpetuity, the cost of medicare in nebraska. people know what's going on. it's called political exextorti, they figure it out. >> ben nelson, tom brokaw was talking about it. he is in so much trouble in nebraska. you can either pay everybody off, buy everybody off. back-room deals with ben nelson and big pharma, or go straight at the issue. you can't have it both ways. i want to say, though, it's important we push the time-out button here and see how much has changed in a year's time and understand it can change again, as i've said all along and my god, nicolle knows this very well. every presidency has many seasons. they can self-correct like bill clinton did in '95, and things can turn around. nicolle, you're staying with us? >> yes. >> sam, thank you for being here. >> thanks, i love being here. >> david gregory -- he's adorable. >> he's not adorable, he's great. >> he is adorable. >> two conservatives, sam stein. >> a different kind of adorable. >> sam, do you like this adoration going on? >> i like it, but my jewish mother likes it eve
Jan 21, 2010 6:00am EST
it. >> what's the goodwill there to actually cut medicare and medicaid benefits? that's one of the critical ways this has become deficit-neutral. >> senator landrieu, thank you so much for your time this morning and thank you for the good work you are doing there in haiti. we appreciate it. >>> coming up next, a political playbook exclusive. democrats ramp up a new strategy. wall street, look out. >>> also, a lot to talk about this morning with san francisco mayor gavin newsom. he needs today to talk jobs with president obama. >>> and another big day of earnings reports, including goldman sachs and google. the latest from erin burnett live at new york stock exchange. >>> but first, here's rafael miranda with a check of the forecast. >> good morning. still good news for travelers. no major delays at the airports but we do have some rain moving into atlanta so anticipate some delays later on this morning. temperatures on the cold side in the northeast. 30 degrees in boston. 32 in the big apple. we expect lots of sunshine later on this afternoon. temperatures running above aver
Jan 27, 2010 6:00am EST
the real problem is, the growing deficits, the growing debt, medicare going bankrupt, social security -- >> everybody's figured out the rhetoric. they've figured out the rhetoric. now let's see if we can get anything done. >> how do you do? >> america's watching our political leaders and asking that very question. do they work for the country, for voters, for -- >> the concern crosses party line. >> we get the rhetoric. a kindergarten could do the rhetoric at this point. >> here's an actual plan. here's a way to do it. here's a specific, actual idea and plan. >> dylan ratigan is going to read that plan -- >> i already looked at it. your health care stuff makes a ton of sense. just assign the credit to the people and let people -- anyway, we'll do it another time. >> and let me ask really quickly, do you agree with chuck schumer and orrin hatch's plan that we talked about earlier today? harold ford also supports it, that you give tax cuts to small businesses in the form of payroll tax to hire unemployed workers? >> i think a payroll tax is a good idea, but we shouldn't be doing tax inc
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8